Confessions of a Clumsy Social Media Klutz

Daughter #2 to Dad, standing 5 feet away: “DAAAAAADDDDddd… Who posted the tweet to the Innocent Inmate Twitter feed this morning?”

Dad: <gulp> “Why are you asking?” (Hoping to buy time to think of who to blame) Social Media Maven

Daughter: “Because it came across like someone was ordering us to do something”

Dad: “Well, I AM the dad, aren’t I?”

Daughter:  <gasping>”So it was YOUUUU?”

Dad: “Well your mom, er, ah, um…yeah, it was me”

After explaining the hardships of constraining a long-winded Irishman to 140 characters in his quest to becoming a social media maven, it appears my bellyflop entry into the social media world has left me but one direction to go: Up.

To anyone who took offense at my clumsy, but not-so-polite request asking you to sign the petition for review to the California Atty. Gen., I offer my sincerest apologies.

(You can at least be thankful that I’m not your dad – even though barking orders is not my customary style  – unless you’re daughter #2, that is). I write a lot of marketing oriented web copy and newsletters and have apparently picked up a bad habit or two along the way.

To those of you not offended by my brusque demands – but are still reading this post nonetheless –  I would offer one simple piece of advice.

Step away from the computer for a while and go out and create a beautiful Saturday for yourself. Most of us take for granted the freedom we have to paint the blank canvas of our lives with whatever picture we choose to paint each day.


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