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We are asking you to join us in petitioning California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris for a full and thorough review of new evidence that Ryan’s jury never saw or considered before rendering their verdict.

Innocent inmate_Justice

As you can imagine, once the state typically gains a conviction, they believe the system worked. In most cases, they are right. However, under certain circumstances such as this, new evidence surfaces after the conviction the jury was not able to consider before rendering a verdict.

By taking 20 seconds of your day to e-sign the petition and click ‘send this letter,’ you can make a difference. Each e-petition will be separately delivered to the email in-boxes of the Atty. Gen. and her underlings litigating this case on the state’s behalf. It is our hope that with enough citizens like you signing and sending this e-petition, the state will agree to review this case.

Once again, click here to sign this petition

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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